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Take the web by storm with our premium web application development services, which utilizes advanced framework and best coding practices to deliver the best web application solution. Shah-Tech is equipped with the expert developers that are innovative in deploying the best technology to deliver a reliable and profit-oriented web application.

We will work with you closely to determine the exact project requirements. And at the application development stage, the project scope, as well as answers to questions we ask will guide us in the creation of a fully functional web app that can be accessed by multiple users conveniently. The web applications that we develop also offers a management console that gives you total administrative control of your site.


Cloud Web App Development Services

We also provide custom cloud service web applications. Proficient in several programming languages, including PHP, JavaScript, Python, C#, Java, and others, our versatility enables us to handle different areas of web application development confidently, including database scripting and user-friendly web design with ecommerce integration in a cost-effective manner.

Our experience in SQL database programming, eCommerce applications, online database programming, enterprise database applications, and business database programming helps us create a web application that gives your business a competitive edge.

Our Web Application Framework

Although we specialize in a host of frameworks, we select only the best and most advanced programming framework that suits your specific requirements and gives room for future improvements. Some of the web application frameworks we use include:

  • .Net Framework
  • Laravel PHP Framework
  • Phalcon PHP Framework
  • Django Python Framework
  • Zend PHP Framework

We also select from the collection of JavaScript libraries and frameworks, including Google Web Toolkit, jQuery, Dojo Toolkit, Backbone.js, MooTools, Underscore.js, Ext JS, AngularJS, Google Closure Library, D3.js, Node.js, and Socket.IO.

Beyond bringing your idea a reality, we transform it into a marketable and profitable product.

Shah-Tech web application development services covers:

  • Social Networking Development
  • Blogs and Discussion Forums
  • Educational Web Applications
  • Interactive Web-based Games
  • Inventory management

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