Seize the endless opportunities presented by social media, and give your business brand global recognition.

The term “social media” translates to connection and interaction. And the fact is; your business is not at optimum productivity and profitability if it is yet to engage the audience across all social media platforms. The online market is large, and there is a huge possibility of retaining a lot more customers if only this audience can be aware of your brand.

So if your business already has an online presence, then the next best thing is to launch an effective social media marketing plan. Our social media marketing service aims at managing communication with your customer base, improve brand awareness, an ultimately promote your brand. With our social media marketing strategy, ROI is guaranteed.

How Our NY Social Media Marketing Service Can Help

  • We examine the current situation of your presence on the various social media platforms using effective social media analytics tools.
  • We identify new and possible opportunities, and recommend an executable plan, with compelling contents to grow your leads and boost revenue generation.
  • We also optimize all existing contents about your brand to give you a better reputation and a more robust presence.
  • Round-the-clock surveillance of your social networks for a real-time update on conversations and responses

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Why Your Business Needs a Professional Social Media Marketing Company

Sometimes as a business owner, running your business and handling your social media presence can be too demanding. Keeping up with the daily posts and customers response across all the social networking platforms can be quite time-consuming. You need the services of a reliable social media management agency to make things easy for you. And that is where we come in. Shah-Tech handles all the social media marketing needs of your business, while you focus on being the boss.

How does your business look on social media? Contact Shah-Tech to make it look even better

All you have to do is choose from our available plans, register and create an account with us, connect your social networking accounts to our marketing system, and then we will do what we know how to do best. You just sit back, relax, and watch your leads shoot to the roof.

Facebook Fan Page Design

Your Facebook page can be the voice of your business, and we can make it stand out.

Facebook has completely transformed the way companies and businesses look at marketing and staying in touch with their customers. Now, with the Facebook fan page, you can conveniently reach out to your customers and potential customers directly, initiate communication about your brand or services, and most importantly, stay close to a larger online audience.

Some mind-blowing Facebook statistics should be enough to capture your mind:

  • Facebook has over 1 billion active users, with about half this number online on a daily basis
  • Over 50% of active users access Facebook via mobile devices
  • Millions of messages and links are shared on Facebook daily
  • Aside from English, Facebook is also available in over 60 different language

Looking at these stats, imagine the millions of new potential customers you could attract to your business.Shah-Tech offers custom Facebook fan page designs that will give your business a unique voice. With our Facebook fan page design service, you can promote your brand faster, and even have the option of offering incentives to potential customers who become fans.

Catchup and even overtake your competitors with an irresistible Facebook fan page design from Shah-Tech

Why Your Business Needs a Good Customized Facebook Fan Page

  • Stylish design that suits your brand
  • Broader exposure
  • Digital PR
  • Explore more sales opportunities
  • Credibility
  • Result-oriented call to action

Our creative designers are on standby to give your Facebook fan pagea fantastic look. With our programming and IT skills, wecan also utilize development tools like Facebook JavaScript (FBJS) to create captivating apps on Facebook, implement eye-catching functionalities, and give you a dynamic custom Facebook fan page that you will love.

Attain the success level you desire. Let us design your Facebook fan page for you.

instagram-logoInstagram Marketing

Grow your brand, generate more traffics and increase revenue

Marketing on Instagram is another option for reaching your online marketing goals. With Instagram marketing, you can expand your customer base and increase your brand awareness. Ultimately, Instagram is a visual social network that helps you drive more website traffic to your business.

Why You Need to Get an Instagram Marketing Service

Users consider businesses with an Instagram account as authentic and credible. With over 1 million active users, Instagram offers up to 70% chance of users hitting the like button and even making purchases after viewing an ad.

There are over 2 million adverts on Instagram. Yours can be the next big one.

Leave your Instagram activities on autopilot and still achieve your marketing goals. Talk to Shah-Tech now!

The Instagram marketing services that we offer is ideal for all types of businesses, and offers a fast and reliable way to reach your business marketing goals. We implement a formidable Instagram marketing strategy that strategically places your brand at the forefront of marketing on social media. Get in touch with us to find out how this service can help you increase traffic, reach out to a larger audience, as well as promote your brand.

Shah-Tech offers Organic Instagram Marketing Growth Service for all business models

  • We help you gain more organic followers with visually compelling posts that make your brand pop
  • We help you generate more likes, comments, and customers that will be loyal to your brand
  • Beyond the pictures, we communicate the very core of your brand that makes your business stand out

We offer:

  • Instagram account management
  • Original content creation and design
  • Proven strategies to increase followers

Transparent reporting