Client Name - Basant Catering

Basant Catering

They started with a dream, an idea. A place where everything is about family, food, love and tradition with a hint of modern flavor. Not long before they knew it, Basant became their sixth family member. What is Basant you ask? Basant is me, Basant is you, Basant is drinking tea on a rainy day, Basant dancing at a wedding, Basant is eating dinner together with family, Basant is us. It’s a happy, its our place.

The Challenge

The client showed us so many reference websites and said he needed a different approach from all other websites. The development was difficult to handle but our professional team worked hard and made each and every single thing with creativity keeping the clients requirements in mind.

The Solution

Our professional team has developed this website on WordPress with  the help of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and to make it more attractive we have used some custom development.

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